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"Learning RMT has been an invaluable experience. It was easily integrated and complementary to my P.T. practice in the treatment of various conditions, including post-operative, post-traumatic, chronic pain and neurological disorders. RMT has given me a way to support patients that are in survival mode in a safe, gentle, positive and effective way." - Evelyn Gianopoulos, P.T., Montreal

"The RMT courses offer a manageable home program for the parents of my [occupational therapy] clients. I feel that I have the tools to treat any child." - Laura Faye Clubok, O.T., Ohio

"After defusing on performance anxiety, I finally felt comfortable in my auditions. I got a call-back and was hired the first time after our session!" - Actress, Toronto

"I banged my head quite hard. Having had brain surgeries in the past, I knew my 11 / 10 pain would mean hospitalization and being on Demerol overnight. Instead, with Applied Physiology you [Wendy] got my level to 0 / 10 in 45 minutes!" - Acquired Brain Injury Client

 "I have never felt this way before. It's quiet in my head and I can think. This is so cool!" - An 8 year old child tested for

ADD/ADHD/depression (after a Brain Gym re-patterning session)

"I am in awe of the passion you feel for Brain Gym. You are a great teacher and an 'energizer bunny'!!

- Teacher at a First Nations School, BC

"Within the few short months that I've been using the Touch for Health method of muscle balancing, it has proved to be a very valuable asset in my profession. I recommend that all trainers have a basic course..." - D.T. Athletic Trainer, USA

"Before my Touch for Health session, I didn't think I'd have the stamina to even get through the competition. Instead, I won the competition. Thank you, Wendy!" - T.S., Singer

"I suffered pain in my neck and shoulders from a car accident for a year. Since my Specialized Kinesiology session with you two months, Wendy, I have had no further pain. Thank you."

- L.P., Singer

"My son was diagnosed as 'learning disabled' and had been working with a private tutor for a year. Yet progress was slow! After just 3 sessions with you in the Spring, Wendy, he graduated from Grade 9 ... and received 'The Most Improved Student' award! His teacher said, "It was as if the flood gates had opened - all the blocks came down and he became a sponge. He just got it all!"

- W.S., Mother, Ontario

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